How do I know where to meet-up, what to bring, etc?

After you register you will receive a comprehensive Everything You Ever Wanted to Know (EYEWTK) Guide about the trip. It will include arrival details, tailgate menu, departure info, weather updates, additional information on the tulip field, packing list, and an updated schedule.

How many trippers will there be?

More than 3 less than 30. You never know until we get there!


What about the weather?

Are you worried about rain? I’m not, we party regardless! The trip is rain or shine, hot or cold.  This is year five, one year it poured down raining AFTER we got back to Dallas. The tulip gods are always with us!!! We will have some coverage but check the weather and be prepared with the appropriate gear.  Ultimately we go for the flowers but stay for the friends! Besides, the flowers don’t go inside if it rains.

Can I bring a friend?

Sure, the more the merrier! But all trippers must purchase a ticket. This is to ensure the correct amount of food and place settings.

What does my ticket include?

~Transportation to and from the event
~All meals and snacks the day of the event
~ Entry into the tulip farm

Your ticket does not include:
~The tulips you pick

More details about the tulip farm can be found here: 

Is the event co-ed?

Sorry fellas! This event is a ladies only day.

Are kids invited?

Women of all ages have attended the trip. It probably isn’t appropriate for little ones because it’s a long day of “boring grown-up” activities. But young women might enjoy the outing. You know your own kid best. But there’s no crying or whining allowed from any trippers regardless of age!

What if I can't stay the entire time?

We’re on a bus! All trippers are expected to get on at 10am and get off at 5pm. In the past some people have decided to drive on their own, but they will attest that it’s not nearly as fun and you don’t get to know the other participants. The best part of the trip is the comradery that is built on the bus. We have a big group and it is much easier for everyone if we are all together.  Also, the food goes on the bus. No bus, no food. Furthermore, I will never condone any “tipsy trippers” so if you’re driving you are certainly not drinking. And yes your ticket price is still the same.

If that timing doesn’t work for you, we will see you next time!

5th Annual? You've really done this 4 other times!?

YES, despite being in the very early stage of what turned out to be a 3-year global pandemic, drizzly cloudy weather AND mud, the 4th Annual Tulip Trip was bigger and better than ever. A very special shoutout to the 2020 Tulip Trip Troop!!!

You can see pictures from last year here: 2020 Trip Photos

I took a year off for safety reasons, but it’s time to get back to trippin’ and open the world back up, just like we closed it down, with friends!
It just goes to show you that when you rise above the storm, you will see sunshine. 

But...I don't like strangers, new activities or any kind of uncertainty. I don't do Facebook or email so I'd like to personally ask you questions that are already answered because I also don't read to the bottom.

Ummm… This is a “stress-free trip” for everyone, including me! Leave your anxiety, agenda, and expectations of anything other than picking, eating, drinking, giggling, and possibly singing at home. As much as I’ve planned, life happens. Remember to just take this time to just enjoy a beautiful day with beautiful people.

Just get on the bus and enjoy the ride!

(But you probably didn’t read all of that anyway, so maybe this isn’t the outing for you.)

I can't go, but I'm interested in supporting your work. Can we connect?

Of course, teamwork makes the dream work! You can always contribute to the success of this event others via PayPal at
If you’d like to connect with me send an email to with your proposal and contact information. I’ll be sure to get right back to you.