I meant to do it on a symbolic day, like my actual birthday or the day after. But as with most of the things that I get myself into, I got bogged down in the details and didn’t actually click the “purchase domain” button until a month later in July.

One of the remarks that I’ve been told about myself is that I’ve always been “comfortable around anybody” and “doing things that no one else does.” Even in elementary school when I stumbled upon British comedies on KERA channel 13 on Saturday and Sunday nights, I would laugh myself silly and my mom couldn’t figure out how I even understood what the characters were saying let alone what they were actually talking about.

And then in middle school, the obsessive purple preoccupation known as Prince came into my life and it was official…I was weird, and I liked it!

I always made a point to try it out, figure it out or just go see. Like Ariel from The Little Mermaid, I decided to go around asking my questions and getting some answers. At work, home, or play, I was up for the adventure and the experience of getting through this thing called life.

Along the way, I’ve made some truly amazing friends and picked some exciting hobbies. Over the past couple of years, I’ve had some pretty loud whispers in my ear encouraging me to share this experience/experiment with the world. So here I am, enlisting to serve as your personal champion of thriving and excelling as your authentic whole self. My hope is to inspire you to truly live and not just be a human “being” but to become a human “doing.”

I hope you will join me on this adventure and get to know me better through these posts where I will share more details about this project, my hobbies, and my latest pursuits. (And did I mention I have been known on occasion to throw really fancy parties!) Let’s connect on Instagram so you can follow my adventures and I can live vicariously through yours. Especially those adventures that happen during my naps or past my bedtime because I’m a devoted follower of the #NapMinistry. Are you a content creator, artist, professional doer of stuff? Come on over to my domain and do a guest post or let’s collaborate on a project. I’d love to meet you!

As with anything we engage in, there will be highs and lows, but my intention is that we can share space and grace together. Let’s redefine a life well-lived.