So yeah, it’s been a minute and as much as I could feel guilty about not updating as often, the fact of the matter is I’ve just been living! Amazing, incredible, eye opening, soul lifting, living. I got a new job at an incredible place called Bonton Farms, which also has me busy. Dismantling systems of inequality and all. Listen here.

I really want to tell you all about it, but honestly, who has time when you’re doing a thing, to document a thing, create the graphics for the thing, get the words out of your brain and into the computer about the thing and finally schedule the posts so y’all can read and see the thing. It really is just too much for this gal. 

So I had to enlist help, because this lady was on the posting struggle bus! And because of many years of “doing the work” I have come to understand and recognize the “fierce independence is a trauma response” so when I need help, I raise my hand and ask for it. In this case I reach out to trusted sisters who have my back.

What does that mean for this “brand” and you? Most importantly it means you’ll get to see a lot more of my adventures and hear from me more often. But I will admit with fewer words. Instead, you’ll see more content in a few more different ways (y’all they got me on TikTok with the chirren, come see about me) including a little something very special I’ve been working towards. For me, it means I can keep on just living and hand the ball off to folks who are just as if not more creative than me and who have their ear and eye on what’s going on in these social streets. Half the time I don’t know what foolishness y’all are up to on Al Gore’s internet.



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