Some friends you meet in elementary school over a box of crayons. Others come from shared hobbies, work, or through other friends. It’s not too often that you see someone and you mutually just decide that you should be friends because you check all of the boxes. We go to the same church, keep bumping into each other at the same events, know some of the same people and you’re pretty like me. So there, it’s done, we’re friends!

Helena and Kristal Black Girl

That’s exactly how Kristal and I became friends and last year we decided that we should figure out “Friend-A-Versary” and celebrate it because we both love a party, especially in our honor! The day we decided we were going to be friends; I was with a mutual friend at the Cheesecake Factory and she came by our table. I happen to remember that the entire reason why we were at Cheesecake Factory was that it was $1 Cheesecake Day, after a quick google search, we find that the first $1 cheesecake day was on July 30, 2008. Boom, it’s our Friend-A-Versary!

Every day we find another thing that we have in common. Sometimes it’s just silly irony and sometimes it’s way too uncanny to be sheer coincidence. (The similarity between both of our parents’ names for one.) But by far the most important reason why we remain friends this many years and stories later is that we don’t just “tolerate” each other’s character flaws. We fully embrace them because that’s what makes us unique.

We have a million stories, most of which we’ll never tell anyone about, and there have many highs and lows. But through it all, our love and friendship remain the same. She’s the one I call when I want to do something crazy, and she usually says “well of course you should” like why are you calling me when the answer is obvious? She’s also the person who would get my Cassis Le Creuset collection should I die unexpectedly. Because she’s the only one who I know would use it, but also treat it as nicely as I do.

Just like my vision is to be everyone’s “Encourage-in-Chief” I can only do that because I have a dynamic Board of Directors myself. As an only child, those people are who I go to the “war room” with when it’s time to make the big decisions of life and they help me hold it together when life hits me too fast and too furious.

Ironically enough, this year our Friend-A-Versary happened to also be International Friendship Day. Although we didn’t get to celebrate on Friday, because life, we’ll get to celebrate today. And after many ideas of how to celebrate this year, we decided on a “Good meal and drinks. We know that’s our favorite pastime!”

I am blessed to have a dynamic group of true friends that I will share more about from time to time, but I only have 2 “sibs”. Kristal is one half of the dynamic duo that makes up our terrifically talented, twisted trio.

Happy Friend-A-Versary Kristal!
P.S. I know what you’re thinking and I can confirm that it’s true….my friends are cooler than yours.