What would a vacation be without a little shopping! On this shopping adventure, I left Dallas with a mission. Another one of my favorite #BlackLove AND #HGTV couples Rick and Rita Hightower posted about Rick’s new book “26.2 miles to Grace.” In theory, I could have just picked it up here in Dallas, but that wouldn’t involve a mission in Martha’s Vineyard.

This is a story of preparation, inspiration, and perspiration. Running a marathon is hard and, some say (and many more believe), marriage is hard too!

One afternoon, I set off to find C’est La Vie and pick up the book. In the weeks leading up to my trip, I had seen others post about picking up their copy and I hoped I wasn’t too late. I mean, I would be so happy for it to sell out, but only after I got my copy! Luckily for me, I was able to snag my copy and the owner gave me a knowing wink as I whipped out my card, “You know him!” “Yup, from church.” He dutifully smiled for the obligatory picture and I was off. Mission Accomplished! (If you can’t make it to the island, you can pick up a copy at therickhightower.com. I bet he’ll even autograph it for you.)

Lady Banks Living Helena Banks C’est La Vie Rick Hightower

My next shopping adventure lead me…no, I was drawn to Timeless in Vineyard Haven. Every time I drove by, something about their window display said your people are in that store. I was not mistaken, the immensely chic and elegant store held way more treasures than I needed to bring back to Dallas and everyone in the store including the customers were so friendly and fun. My people! A very wise friend likes to remind me…” when you eat, your family is fed.” This is what I told myself as I sashayed out the door with a super cute dress and a pair of earrings. (I lost one of my earrings on the flight in, so “technically” I was just replacing that set.)

And now, one of my favorite discoveries of the trip….Grey Barn and Farm. I popped by this delightful place one afternoon after a suggestion that they had great cheese. I figured I’d scoop up some cheese and a couple of loaves of bread. Because, what else goes better with cheese? Of course, one of the nice ladies behind the counter explains to me that in order to get bread, I have to get there early in the morning because they sell out within the first few hours. They open at 8 am. I am not a morning person and guess what the one thing I refuse to do on vacation is….get up early. (I’m looking at you polar bears out there!) However, I will rise and shine for carbs! So after what turned out to be a very long night, bleary-eyed I came back the next morning to get the goods. I left with a Whole Wheat Boule, Japanese Milkbread, butter, jam, and Prufrock cheese. Let me say this butter and cheese without a doubt was worth the early morning alarm. On the way back, I couldn’t help but break into with my bare hands and “glove-box napkins.” A wise man once said….”It was all a dream!” Once I got back home, a quick google lead me to the website where I can order the cheese without the early morning alarm. I know it won’t be exactly the same, but it’ll do until next time and yes there will be next time!

NEXT WEEK: Martha’s Vineyard Part THREE: Life’s A Beach…
P.S. Feel free to point out that this Texan went all the way to Massachusetts to visit a farm.