Meet Helena L. Banks—creative do-gooder, dance teacher, and foodie with all of the faith, family, and friends a girl could ever need. Join me in redefining a life well-lived.

Lady Banks Living’s mission is to inspire all people to be whole, creative, and kind. Elevating the lives of our global community by serving as a champion of thriving and excelling as your whole self. Everything is within reach, bring beauty wherever you go, and above all, BE KIND.

#Social Sister

#Social Sister

I'm usually ready to go anywhere at a moment’s notice, work pending. See something on Facebook? Tag me and I'm there. Heard about something from a friend of a...

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7th Annual Tulip Trip

This fantastic day trip started as a fun outing for a few and has grown into the most lovely Spring tradition. The 7th Annual Tulip Trip is in the books and for the first time ever, we had an all black lady Tulip Trip including our driver!  We had a great day of fellowship, food and fun!

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A Year in the Making, A Lifetime to Manifest

Player Safety at the Nelson

For the past 9 years, I've been a volunteer at the Byron Nelson...