For the past 9 years, I’ve been a volunteer at the Byron Nelson. There are several committees to choose from that touch every aspect of the tournament with volunteers logging over 2,000 hours during the week.  Even Peggy Nelson Jaros (Byron Nelson’s widow) comes each year and helps pack lunches for the volunteers.

I started out in Corporate Venue Admissions but my usual committee assignment is “Player Hospitality” which is a fancy way of saying “snack girl.”  As far as I’m concerned it is the best assignment you can have. You get up close and personal with cutting oranges and organizing boxes of snacks for the players and their caddies. This year “Player Hospitality” temporarily became “Fan Safety” because the most hospitable thing we could do for the players this year was to keep them from catching “the ‘Rona.” 


One positive Covid-19 test cost this player anywhere from $19,437 to as much as $1.674 million and an embarrassing TV cry.

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