When your dear friends and favorite #BlackLove couple invite you to spend a week in Martha’s Vineyard, you have no other option but to say yes! Even though it will be just weeks after your 40th Birthday Extravaganza. (Full report coming soon, pinky promise) After the first text, I was certain this was no mere weeklong getaway, this was going to be an experience. After all, “it’s the vacation we deserve!”
Helena Banks at Menemsha Beach

Martha’s Vineyard has been dubbed the summer home of black heritage, black excellence, and black friends and family.

The first official day at the beach called for seafood at Larsen’s Fish Market and seeing the sunset at Menemsha Beach. We got there early to stake out our spot and were quickly surrounded by all of our new best friends. Unfortunately, the sun was not one of them. The sun tried and peeked out a couple of times, but it was clear (see what I did there) we came on an overcast day.
Lady Banks Living Menemsha Beach
However, because you absolutely cannot outdo black people, one of my new best friends happened to be the 40-year-old emerging rapper UncleWilmo who as it turns out, had just released his debut hit single “40 Plus.” Did I mention that I just turned 40? We were serenaded with a private concert of what is sure to be my theme song for the next decade. Get this jam!

This would become an ongoing theme for this trip. I would expect something great and wind up with something unimaginable. Just wait until you hear about the butter! But I think that’s what we’re supposed to do in life, live in anticipation of something exceptional. Besides, no one loves a shady beach!

NEXT WEEK: Martha’s Vineyard Part Two: Beach Better Have My Money